VinVelocity™ Drives More Traffic to Auto Dealer Websites

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Norfolk, VA – (August 15, 2014) – Dominion Performance Network, a leading provider of digital marketing services to auto dealers, has launched an innovative product that drives mobile and desktop shoppers directly to dealer web sites. VinVelocity™ is a fully automated traffic-building solution that matches long-tail consumer search queries with actual vehicles at the dealership. VinVelocity™ is superior to traditional pay-per-click products because its targeted ads “deep-link” to specific inventory detail pages on the dealer websites.

Marketing on the major consumer web sites like and is important to most dealerships, but “dealers prefer the exclusive, organic leads they get from their own websites because they convert better than other lead sources” says Robert Berndt, president of Dominion Dealer Solutions. “VinVelocity™ allows dealers an option to sites where they have to compete for exposure” he continues. “Dealerships can expect to receive more quality leads at a lower price,” said Owen Griffin, general manager for the Dominion Performance Network.

Using a proprietary platform, VinVelocity™ creates unlimited dynamically-generated custom search ads “on-the-fly,” driven by keywords for each vehicle. When consumers click on an ad, it takes them directly to the dealer’s vehicle detail page. No longer do consumers have to wade through pages of search results to try and find their perfect car. “By advertising at the vehicle level, VinVelocity™ redefines pay-per-click marketing for dealers,” Griffin noted.

VinVelocity™ relieves dealers of the burden of managing multiple costly and complex pay-per-click campaigns. Dealerships can quickly benefit from large-scale, highly productive ad campaigns without the costs of advertising agencies or employees dedicated to managing a search traffic-building program. Robust reporting, with key metrics such as “most popular cars” and “best performing zip codes,” is provided to help dealers better understand how shoppers interact with their inventory.

For more information on how VinVelocity™ can help you increase your marketing ROI call 888-855-5149 or visit

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