Travel Media Group Releases Brand-Level Reputation, Guest Relations Systems

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Travel Media Group has launched enterprise digital marketing tools for hotel brands and management groups to more efficiently manage guest reviews and communication. The system displays reviews and inbound guest messages in real time, with the ability to respond, add notes, and escalate issues directly in the dashboard. Brands can oversee guest feedback management for thousands of hotels in one intuitive dashboard.

“Ultimately, the way each property handles reviews and guest issues influences the overall reputation of the brand,” said Jason Lee, vice president of online product and technology for Travel Media Group. “Our enterprise programs empower brands to protect their reputation and implement processes that work for their hoteliers.”

The new enterprise solutions are powered by the TMG OneView™ dashboard, which is also available for brands in white label and API integration forms. The system provides visibility for review and guest communication management at each stage of the response and resolution. The vision for the enterprise suite was to build solutions that make it easier to implement brand-wide standards for review responses and guest relations management.

“Our white label Respond & Resolve™ program and the new Guest Relations system provide the technology brands need to hold their properties accountable to reputation management standards,” said Dana Singer, vice president & general manager of Travel Media Group. “But it’s not just about the technology. We provide a level of service that is unmatched in the review response market.”

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